Follow-Up Friendica Update from 2020.03 to 2021.09 my posts are gone

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I posted about my problems updating from 2020.03 to 2021.09 (10 Oct 2021, 14:11h). This problems are solved for now. Many thanks to @hoergen, @utzer and especially @Michael Vogel for your support!

Lessons learned: "Update each major version step by step". (*)

I had to restore my database backup (**), therefore my original post is not available to me anymore. But all other posts are here. I experienced the known and already solved hiccups for updating from 2020.09 to 2021.01 (tables notify-threads and post-category) and 2021.07 to 2021.09 (tables (temp-)apcontact, (temp-)fcontact and delayed-post).

* At least until there is an other update procedure. If you use git, use "git checkout tags/release-name" after "git pull".

** Having a working backup (and restore) strategy is really good to know.
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utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Joseph Hogan checkout this post
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Tobias possibly we should suggest in the documentation to not do large steps when updating?
utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Michael Vogel@Tobias@hoergen@Gerold Pummer and while on it suggest to use git in that case too. ;-)
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Well, often this will work. But it seems to happen that it doesn't work. So possibly we could strongly advice to create a database backup and to go step by step when the jump doesn't work.

So possibly like this:
In many cases you can skip versions when updating. But when there are issues please restore the system (files and database) and perform a version by version update.
I don't want to warm up this thread, so please say so, if it is not worth the effort. My Federation statistics says, more than 100 nodes are at 2021.09.

What I don't understand (I'm just a junior friendica admin/user of a very small node) and out of interest: I had different issues during the database upgrade process at first (2020.03, git pull, dbstructure update to 2021.09) vs. upgrade step by step (2020.03, .07, .09, ...). Has this something to do with the "postupdate" procedure? I know that I had errors - at my first try - with unknown columns. But this was not the case with the step-by-step process. And I had an php notice (undefined offset: 0 in .../update.php on line 837) in the step-by-step process which I definitely had not with the "direct update".
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Well, I don't really understand this as well. When moving step by step hasn't generated any issues then this is really interesting.